Dreams Come True [film]


by: Kelly Feustel * Directed by Sean Connelly


HINDSIGHT is a story of love, regrets, and consequences. Ryan is a charming, attractive man with natural talent. He has gained reputation for his athletic prowess and archery skills at the local Country Club where he works. He can have any woman he wants…and always does. But his actions start to catch up with him: one fling with his manager, Maggie, leaves her seeking revenge with her powerful family. Ryan is brutally scarred and temporarily blinded from the attack. During his three weeks of recovery, he finds himself falling in love with his attending nurse, a smart and beautiful woman named Diana. Ryan begins not only to recover physically, but also tries to begin a fresh start and fix his own personal issues. However, the men who caused his injuries and Diana’s overprotective twin brother become entwined in Ryan’s life once more, and our protagonist tries to piece together the puzzle of the last few weeks so he can warn Diana before it’s too late.

THE COFFEE SHOP: mini series

[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]
by Blanche Baker * Robert Borneman * Sean Connelly * Kelly Feustel * Elissa Goldstein * Talia Gonzalez * Bisanne Masoud * Zach Rothman-Hicks * Directed by Jana [AJ] Mattioli

The Coffee Shop takes place in a gay owned, rainbow-friendly New York restaurant and coffee house where love is constantly tossed into the blender.

This comedy includes a fabulous drag queen, flamboyant gay men and lesbians both lipstick and butch while the often-exasperating staff specializes in serving up the drama of the local queer community.

Patrons include every type, from the Bi-switchable boys to the Moms of the Year, and lets not forget the neighborhood dog that is always barking up the wrong bush… ahem, uh… tree.


[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]
by: Zach Rothman-Hicks * Directed by Jana Mattioli

Helen, originally from Chicago, longs to be the trendy “Sex in the City” NYC girl, where she can have her party and dance at it too. Although she is looking for love, she is looking in all the wrong places. Phillip, a good looking sensitive party boy, is just the right amount of Carrie Bradshaw excitement she needs after a break-up with her loser ex-boyfriend. After dating for over a month Helen’s affection for Phillip comes to a stop in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.

True, Phillip is a party boy, but he likes to party with the boys. The thing is, Phillip is bisexual but says his light switch is on women. Helen wants to be trendy but is uncomfortable. These two put a new stamp on “Be careful what you wish for, ya just might get it.” With the help of Jaime, a flamboyant waiter ,who recognizes Phillip and a sassy cashier who loves to watch the drama unfold, BIdentity is a NY drama with a just the right twist of a gay lemon. “BIdentity Crisis” tells a story of coming out of the closet…sort of.


[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]

by: Bisanne Masoud & Talia Gonzalaz * Directed by Jana Mattioli

When Stephanie comes out and introduces her girlfriend to her overbearing mother Gayle, her unorthodox reaction makes for one unusual first encounter!​

Stephanie’s mother Gayle is anything but laid-back. Though she loves her daughter, she often expresses it the only way she knows how-by completely micromanaging her life. Which is why this particular afternoon at the coffee shop might be tricky. After all, Stephanie has brought her mother here not only to tell her she’s a lesbian, but to introduce Gayle to her new girlfriend, Mary Ann.

It quickly becomes apparent that Gayle’s problem isn’t really with her daughter being a lesbian…she just wishes she were a slightly more interesting one-and she could start by having a funkier girlfriend. Mary Ann’s sexual orientation doesn’t bother Gayle, but the fact that she’s a middle school teacher who wears Banana Republic cardigans seems severely disappointing.

Gayle’s reaction to her daughter’s news isn’t exactly a surprise, nor is it what her daughter expected. Enlisting the advice of the coffee shop staff, Gayle must come to terms with the afternoon’s events, and try to set aside her judgments…sort of.


[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]

by: Kelly Feustel * Directed by Jana Mattioli

Jonathan, Lydia, and Vlad aren’t typical guests of The Cup. They have been living as “vampires,” sort of. When Jonathan approaches a man Lydia is warming up to, Vlad is appalled not only that Jonathan would steal Lydia’s “food,” but that he would pursue another man!

Even though everyone in The Cup seems to avoid the “vampires,” waitress Andrea goes an extra mile out of her way to evade the table. Leaving only Jamie to serve them, he must endure fake foreign accents, corny jokes and quickly becomes the subject of a bet leading to mistaken identities of the most awkward kind! When the “vampires” decide to analyze the characteristics of the “perfect” vampire, an argument quickly ensues between homophobic Vlad and bisexual-enthusiast Jonathan. While Lydia is caught in the middle, she struggles not only with her opinion of the issue but her view on sexuality in general.

A story of friendship, prejudice, and self-discovery, Coffee and a Bite will leave you wanting seconds!



[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]

by: Elissa Goldstein * Directed by Jana Mattioli

The last time Helen entered The Cup Coffeehouse, she broke up with her bi-sexual boyfriend whose gay side was suddenly overshadowing his straight side as he flirted with Jamie, the flamboyant male waiter, right in front of her.

She is now entering the Cup enticed by her own sexual curiosity. She has been dating Pike, the infamous dyky waitress, and has come to visit her at work. Jamie can’t help but warn Pike to not get too whipped by the “straight girl.”

The last time Gayle entered The Cup, she was informed that her daughter Stephanie was a lesbian. She was introduced to Stephanie’s girlfriend Mary Ann and her unconventional reaction to all of this abrupt new information was astonishing. Gayle was not upset by her daughter’s sexual orientation but rather very disappointed that Mary Ann was too boring and not nearly alternative enough to make her daughter’s choice trendy.

Gayle is now introducing the rainbow flag-flying coffee shop to Harold, a wealthy gay real estate broker. Jamie is instantly and surprisingly attracted to this older sugar daddy. Pike is freaked out when Mary Ann,with whom she has had a meaningless one night stand with, enters The Cup while Helen is there. Drama ensues as anger, jealousy, unexpected attraction and too much female as well as male estrogen explodes.

What follows is a comedy of love-triangle errors made up of the most unusual combinations.



[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]

by Robert Borneman; directed by Jana [AJ] Mattioli

Alexa and Suzie are old college roommates. Alexa comes from the Midwest where there is no “gay community”. Suzie has given up on men and embraced her love for women. But how can she come out to her sweet but naive friend? They meet at “The Cup”, a local gay hot spot where her flamboyant brother Jamie works as a waiter. The LGBT coffee shop sets the scenery for an interesting and hilarious dialogue between the two girls and we soon discover there’s more to this outsider than we could’ve guessed.



[co-produced with Mattioli Productions]

by Sean Connelly; directed by Jana [AJ] Mattioli

Without notice, Clara quits her position as The Cup’s Coffee Shop manager. This causes flamboyant waiter Jamie and the Drag Queen owner Bea Reasonable to search for her replacement.

Bea soon discovers over a series of terrible interviews that The Cup’s regulars aren’t exactly manager material. When all hope appears to be lost, Josh enters the shop to apply for the position. The interview goes incredibly well, and Bea believes she’s found her replacement for Clara… but in a day where nothing has gone Bea’s way, can it really be that simple?